The Giggling tree

I’ll write this blog in english ‘cause it’s so annoying to write without a, a and o…. Well… if you’re swedish you know what I mean…

The Giggeling tree is a guesthouse outside Yang shuo village in  Guanxi. It is a magic place! I mean the area  – but the guesthouse is nice too – I’ll get back to that. Yang Shuo is placed in between softly rounded mountains, they look like the mountains children draw, like a big, soft wave. They are yellowreddish and full of caves and bamboo grows all over them.


Today we took a trip on the Li river on a small bambooboat and passed the mountains that are actually on the 20RMB bill! Look closely on the picture and you can imagine how it looked when we slowly floated down there, but we where 4 people on our boat, plus the boatsman of course!

Yesterday we rented tandembikes and hiked all over the area and it was beutiful! A couple of hours we spent in a cave, bathing in mud! rinsing off in a waterfall, heating up in hot springs and ohhed and ahhhed at the giant stalakites/stalagmites.

Just as we got off the boat in Xing Ping today the rain came. It’s rainseason so I’m not surprised. And when it rains here, it really, REALLY rains. No worry though, we got on a bus and went back to our charming hostel – the Giggeling tree I mentioned earlier. We have access to a computer here, so I can send emails, blogg, check out facebook NOT!!! Well, I can do the first things, but not facebook, it is blocked here in China. Very annoying. But since I don’t have a computer most of the time it’s not something I cry a lot about.

Tomorrow afternoon we’re off to Hainan for a week of beachlife. It’ll be good, cause we’ve been really busy cliimbing mountains, biking, hiking and touristing all over the place and we’re all a bit tired now. The boys are a little homesick, and I understand them. This is such an adventure for them! And for me too of course. They are haveing serious trouble with the toilets here. Or rather, the lack of them. The holes in the ground makes them whine a lot.

But they love the food, and so does C and I. I’ve heard so much negative things about it so that was a pleasant surprise! We all eat with chopsticks strangely enough it feels totally natural. So far we’ve had the best meals out on the streets on the pavement. Midst among the people and quite often with them hanging very amused around us.

My impression of China and the people here is overwhelmingly positiv! The country is so beutiful, I think Huan Shan is the most magnificent place I have ever seen, the people are so helpful, and we need a lot of help. A lot! I will tell you later about our problems to get here someday, and how the people we met did everything they could to get us to the airport in time! Quite a drama.

Now I’m going to get a cup of tea and join the rest of the family in the restaurant. The rain is like a curtain outside and we can do absolutely nothing. Perfect.

I wish you all a good summer and I hope you had a joful midsummer!

Xie xie



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